Twin Cities Marathon:

The Medtronic Twins Cities Marathon (the largest outdoor sporting event in Minnesota)  needs you.  Oct 1, 2023 – we have volunteer roles for classic ham radio - out on the course with your dual band FM handheld part of the 200+ strong Medical team - reporting down runners. Or in one of our four Net Control stations. Or helping check in patients to the medical tent. No experience needed. Beginner friendly as can be.

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Disaster response communications training opportunity: AERO 101 and 102:

Introductory (101) and intermediate (102) courses on radio support for disaster response will be taught virtually (Zoom) by the Association of Emergency Radio Organizations (AERO) on 9/11 and 9/13 (101) and 9/25 and 9/27 (102).  Each is a two-evening course. 

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MN ARES Conference 2022/02/26

Thanks you for attending the 2022 MN ARES Conference. If you were unable to attend, or would like to review the videos, slides, or resources, go to: 2022 MN ARES Conference Proceedings

Erik Westgard, NY9D, ASEC-Technology


MN ARES is pleased to announce the appointment of Erik Westgard, NY9D, as Assistant Section Emergency Coordinator- Technology. Erik will be doing a lot of things for MN ARES, but technology is the most important so that's the title we picked. Another important job is Exercise Coordinator. He was principal in designing Operation Downdraft last fall, and will also be a big part of Downdraft 2 tomorrow. Erik has always been an important asset to amateur radio in Minnesota.

Erik serves as the Medical Communications Coordinator for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, Red White and Boom, and Loppet Winter Festival. He was involved with the development of the MN 145.67 packet network and the deployment of D-Star in MN.  His team has purchased more than a dozen 30' tower/generator trailers recently.  He is currently partnering with Minnesota VOAD on mesh video and disaster recovery activities.   Erik retired from AT&T as a Principal Technical Consultant, and is a Senior Community Faculty Member in the Graduate MIS Department at Metropolitan State University.

New MN ARES Facebook Group

There is now a Facebook group for MN ARES. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes. Every licensed amateur, regardless of membership in ARRL or any other local or national organization, is eligible for membership in the ARES. The only qualification, other than possession of an Amateur Radio license, is a sincere desire to serve. Because ARES is an amateur service, only amateurs are eligible for membership. The possession of emergency-powered equipment is desirable, but is not a requirement for membership.